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When Tax Invoice is Not Required to be Issued

Tax Invoice May not be issued if the value of the Goods or service supplied is less than Rs. 200 in case the Recipient is not registered person and...

Inspection & Arrest Under GST

The Joint Commissioner of SGST/CGST (or a higher officer) may have reasons to believe that in order to evade tax, a person has suppressed any trans...

Penalty for Late Filling or Not Filling or for Fraud Offences

Penalty If any of the offenses are committed then a penalty will have to be paid under GST. The principles on which these Penalties are based are ...

Accounting Services

We Accurately & Securely Maintain All your Books of Account

Accounting & Bookkeeping

We can replace your back office with accounting, payroll, and bookkeeping support. When it comes to complex issues, rely on us.

Your Taxes, Simplified

We’re dedicated to our clients. And we've represented them in audits with the IRS, FTB, and EDD. This keeps us current on tax law so we’re always ready for the toughest situations.

Your Business is Ours

We developed strategies for both business and individual clients. And we work hard and long hours when they need us—even after tax season. So let us tackle your most pressing financial issues.

Ramesh Chand Kinja - Founder

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Kinja Consultancy Team are The Best Chartered Accountant's in Bangalore for All Accounting Services. They Take Cares of All Accounting Service for Hindustan Steel Suppliers  and Have Excellently Done they Service Accurately On-Time

MD Farhan - Hindustan Steel Suppliers

The entire Kinja Consultancy team is very knowledgeable, responsive and focused on customer service.

Prop. Rama Ram Patel - Nandi Metels

Working with Kinja Consultancy has given us the ability to track our finances more accurately and has helped us in our strategic decision making process.

Prop. Jitendra Salecha - Salecha Internation

Kinja Consultancy could be one of the best decisions I have made for my business. Manish my dedicated bookkeeper, does a wonderful job, and frees up so much of my time to concentrate on other areas of my law firm

Prop. Ghanshyam Das Panwar - K.G International

Quality of work, promptness in response, understanding customer needs and willingness to accommodate urgent requests – all that management wishes to succeed in a competitive environment are provided by Kinja Consultancy. We know whom to call when there is a need.

Prop. Kalaram Patel - Kaveri Industries

One of the several benefits of using Kinja Consultancy for us is that your business can bring in the best practices in accounting and bookkeeping

Prop. Mukesh Kumar Jain - Monalisha Bath Studio